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Now Mr. Manuel Terzi, owner of Caffe Terzi of Italy,  is offering courses at the Terzi School for Coffee and Foodies.  Terzi school offers all levels of instruction-from Coffee Aficionado To Becoming An Expert Barista! We have half day, full day and multi-day courses. 

Caffè Terzi School is more than a coffee school teaching participants about, how to create hundreds of coffee drinks like  cappuccino, macchiato, caffé latte and, of course, espresso and our must popular class will show you how to pair specific coffees and coffee drinks 

The school is devoted to creating a unique is  “coffee experience” in Emilia Romagna.. Caffè Terzi adds luxury and passion to the vital part of every Italian’s life – coffee!

 Q: Why is a cup of morning coffee important?
A:  Why? Because it sets the tone for the rest of your day! A great cup of coffee gets you ready to face your day’s challenges!

Q: Why is Italian espresso different than what I drink at the local coffee house in my neighborhood.

A: Preparazione Espresso Italiano:  Learn how to make real, authentic Espresso Italiano! Learn which coffee beans blend together to create the best cup of espresso.   Learn the correct, Italian way to make the perfect , clean,  rich, flavorful and elegant cup of espresso.  There is difference – completing this course will make you an expert on “Espresso Italiano!” the name says all: an espresso is to be freshly prepared and enjoyed immediately.  

 For coffee purists, espresso is the classic coffee preparation – rich, aromatic and silky all at once; topped by a natural crema on top.   It is a mixture of art and chemistry. At TSI we will teach you the art and science of making that perfect cup of espresso!

Learn Espresso’s authentic Italian formula, based on selecting the proper equipment, water temperature and methodology. Done right, the result is a concentrate of not more than 30 ml (one oz) of pure sensorial pleasure. When formulated correctly,  Mr. Terzi says you approach the feeling of  “your lover’s embrace!”

Cappuccino Italiano:  Learn  to make a silky, creamy, smooth, velvety cappuccino. At Terzi we like to say that when you experience our cappuccino it is  like “an embrace from your mother!”  Attend this course and you will leave as Cappuccino Maker Extrodinare!

Caffettiera Moka:  Create old-world, traditional, typical,  Italian Coffee  that Italians have been waking up to for hundreds of years.    Ordering a Caffe Moka in Italy is quite different from ordering Mocha coffee in America.  The words sound alike but they do not taste the same.  For making moka, the chocolate syrup is nowhere in sight. Small, two-chambered moka pots sit on many Italian stovetops, easy to use and producing a full-bodied coffee, rich in aroma. Many have an hourglass shape, but you can find moka pots in a variety of styles, all based on the same operating principle. Caffettiera Napoletana; De Filippo favourite Coffee!!!! Needs a “cuppitiello”, needs good Coffee and needs Caffè Terzi course to reach its best!!!!

Degustazione Espresso; When an Espresso is a perfect one, a good one or a terrilbe one? Italian Espresso is better then a Third Wave one? Learn how to discover all of the secrects of this wonderful drink

Degustazione Cappuccino: There is a more correct way to taste Cappuccino Italiano, and there is only one sensory profile that belong to this little miracle! Top Italian coffee master Manuel Terzi, is the founder and owner of the famous Caffé Terzi in Bologna, Italy. Food & Wine magazine named him as master of making the perfect cup of coffee, espresso and cappuccino. This video helps you explore the secrets of his coffee mastery.

Terzi imports and transforms the absolute best beans from different parts of the world, as only a high level barista masters can, into wonderful and extraordinary distinctive, flavorful cups of varied coffee drinks. It is the blending of beans of various origins and taste that results in the perfect cup of coffee. Experience for yourself when you visit Italy and Spain.

For more in depth coffee knowledge read: The science of good coffee:  Mr. Terzi explores the importance of coffee drink ingredients. “The milk must not be warmed up over 72 degrees (162 degrees Fahrenheit), because chemical changes can occur,” Terzi warns, when the milk is warmed, it creates casein tannate, which is very hard to digest. “You cannot sell a cappuccino with milk heated over 72 degrees,” he says, disapprovingly. No respectable barista would contemplate such a thing!

Terzi Locations in Italy and Spain Terzi Locations in Italy and Spain

Caffè Terzi Bologna, via Oberdan 10: …………… +39 51 0344819
Caffè Terzi Vignola (Modena, Italy), via Selmi.. +39 366 3649461
Caffè Terzi Donostia (Spain), Andrestegi 8:…….+34 685 759039

Caffè Terzi is the place to go to get the best coffee in Bologna, Italy. Caffè Terz provides the very best available fresh roasted coffee, in a sophsicated but friendly atmosphere. Baristas are professional but friendly and very knowledgable about coffee. Some of the coffee drinks available are: “Caffè con Cioccolato”, espresso coffee with chocolate shavings- high quality dark chocolate on a freshly brewed espresso. Melted chocolate and coffee- what could be better! Try Cafee Terzi’s “Arancia e Amaretto” is made with zest of an orange with the sweetness of amaretto and is one of the Terzi’s signature espresso drinks available all day long.

“Caffè alla Nocciola” is a layered delicious coffee drink made with hazelnut cream, espresso and chocolate shavings Beverage choices are not only limited only to the coffee, Caffe Terzi has a vast selection of non-coffee drinks made withAcacia honey, Fructose sugar (sugar derived from fruit), Agave juice, Maple syrup and liquid cane sugar.

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