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For three generations, the Terzi family and the name Terzi  has been synonymous with high standards, high quality, and perfection.  Mr. Terzi is well known throughout the world as the ultimate Coffee Expert Consultant.  In the early years of the twentieth century Mr. Terzi’s grandparents managed the famous Bolognese “Birraria Ronzani”, and the “Academy of Lira,” and where he founded the legendary Bologna Football Club!

In 1976, at the age of twelve years , during his weekends and summers, Manuel began to work in the hotel – hospitality fiend.  Having a strong work ethic was always a part of the Terzi family name.  After completing his studies, the choice between the electronics and the world of HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) was simple, and so Manuel began to engage full time in what will become a lifelong passion devoted to the field of coffee.

Working alongside great professionals, like Ernesto Illy, of coffee fame, Manuel was determined to start his own business. Most important and true to the Terzi name was the strategy of remembering customer loyalty through research and maintain high quality standards. Manuel became a consultant and expert Italian  coffee roasting.

Mr. Terzi always be striving to produce the  the best product lead Manuel into further studies to obtain knowledge of coffee and as raw materials and the most perfect way to process that products. Studying the “science” of coffee Manuel, quickly learned that his coffee would  be different from what all the roasters were producing. The Terzi expresso drink would be different from the usual bitter, tannic, woody drink that was the norm for so long. This quest for the most perfect coffee and espresso gave birth to the first  “CaffèTerzi and it  inaugurated in Bologna, on March 23, 2002.  Mr. Terzi purchased the property at Via Oberdan, which is located near the very famous Due Torre (Two Towers) – the symbol of the great city of Bologna.  Since then another cafe is thriving in Bologna and two are in Spain.  THIRD coffee and fine teas are available  via Oberdan 10, 40126 Bologna. Opening hours 8:00 to 6:00 p.m.; closed Sundays and holidays. THIRD coffee and fine teas is a registered trademark.

The procurement and storage of raw coffee beans of the best varieties and roasting is “on demand” has allowed Manuel and his wife Elena to know and appreciate what is now considered to be a world class product.  Terzi coffee is not only in Italy and Europe but now as a result of their new internet website, is to be enjoyed and available for sale with world wide distribution.

Caffè Terzi has become the international reference for high-quality espresso and has attracted  the interest of the media, not only in Italy but in Europe and the United States, as evidenced by the major press coverage in the printed and visual media.   Terzi  was a guest  on several international TV shows and is recognized as an expert in the field of coffee. He appeard on Italian TV as a host of a documentary on Italian Cappuccino, widespread in the US cinema chain, and finally interviewed by UNICREDIT PB as “quality excellence in best practices” for the training of their officials. “We are on the guide “Gambero Rosso” for the best bars in Italy (with 3 beans!)”We frequently receive requests for advice, or supply of the product, as well as requests for “affiliation” or franchise.

Only one thing has remained unchanged over time– the will of Manuel and Elena to manage and produce  the most prized, well-respected, high-quality coffees available in today’s competitive market and provide a venue for those products in the cafes.

Barista Training at Terzi Coffee School Of Italy -  Coffee Expert ConsultantManuel wants you to experience and enjoy coffee as you would a great wine.  He wants you to discover how  the great emotions and sensations associated with great wines can now be  applied to great coffees.  A great coffee drink is an incredible drink that can transform you emotionally and spiritually.  A great coffee can engage your olfactory  senses and well being even more than a great Brunello or a great Chateaux!

Interview with Manuel Terzi:

“As for my education, I attended the first courses AIBES (Italian Association of Barmen and Supporters) and became a Head Bartender,  In 1995 I attended the University of Coffee (then in Naples), and became an Italian Espresso Specialist, Coffee Taster and Espresso Master. I have attended other courses at the University of Coffee (now in Trieste).  I attended such courses of AIS (Italian Sommeliers Association), for which I am proud to say has earned me the title of Sommelier Professionale.  I have taken all these courses and applied what I have learned to my skills in coffee bean selection, roasting, cupping and  coffee tasting.”

“My wife Helen gives me a valuable, competent, careful and invaluable help in the organization of our business and is her her own right an expert in the  coffee trade.”

“About my project, friends, and colleagues, at first they said, “Are you crazy!”,  But this did not deter me, onward we went and we have achieved quite an accomplishment- world wide distribution, praise and more important the  name Terzi is now synonymous with high-quality coffee/espresso.”

Terzi buys raw  beans directly from importers and manufacturers and then roasts them in their own roasters to their highly quality, demanding standards . At Terzi cafes, coffee and tea are held to the  highest standards., Terzi cafes do not make sandwiches, (although we have the same high standards to the foods you eat as we do to the drinks you drink) or sell gum etc.  Terzi concentrates on what they do best- coffee and tea drinks. 

Mr. Terzi  teaches about coffee, and lectures on behalf of various associations, but also for professionals, experts or amateurs. Recently he has been a  teacher for the AIBES’s specialized courses and has lectured at All’IPSSAR Hotel Institute Scappi of Castel San Pietro Terme.

Now the Terzi School For Coffee – Espresso offers excellent courses for people from “coffee-lovers” and tourist to trained baristas and people seeking to open their own coffee shop..

Manuel Terzi Achievements:

  • Capo Barman AIBES
  • Professional Sommelier AIS
  • Italian Espresso Specialist
  • Taster Coffee IIAC (Internazsionale Institute of Coffee Tasters)
  • Master Espresso (Illy Coffee)
  • Coffee Manager (University of Coffee)
  • Specialization “Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso” (University of Coffee)
  • Socio SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe)
  • National Judge CIBC (Italian Barista Championship)
  • National Judge CILA (Italian Latte Art Championship)
  • National Judge Coffee in Good Spirits
  • SCAE Barista Certificate 1 ° and 2 ° level
  • Certification Authorized SCAE
  • Teacher “Third Band” I.P.S.S.A.R. Castel San Pietro (BO)
  • Finalist of the Italian Barista Championship 2004
  • Finalist of the Italian Barista Championship 200
  • Freelance Consultant in the Coffee Industry
  • Freelance Consultant to Manufacturers of Coffee and Roasting Equipment
  • Consultant To Freelance Coffee The Roasters Industry


  • – Author of “The Little Book of Coffee” 
  • – Author of “The Little Book of Tea” 
  • – Author of “Zen and the tasting Cappuccino” 
  • – Co author of “The Complete Book of Coffee” and De Agostini
  • – Author of “From The Coffee” and. Pendragon

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