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The Prize Winning, Italian Terzi Coffee
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There is no better way to start a work week (or relax on the weekend ) then with a great, authentic Italian coffee, or excellent cappuccino?

coffee Italy Terzi school barista Being “Italian” means you know what a good cup of coffee, cappuccino or espresso means to the start of your day!  Coffee from the world famous coffee producer of Terzi Coffees of Vignola, Italy  adds luxury and passion to the italian’s way of life. 

And now you can experience the feeling of the Italian’s morning coffee- buy it here and have it delivered direct to your door!

Terzi Coffee is an award winning, superlative, fine quality coffee that you must taste and compare!

coffee Italy Terzi school baristaIf you come to Italy you must visit Caffè Terzi in Bologna or Vignola, Italy

Now the owner of the Cafe Terzi (there are two in Italy and two in Spain) is offering classes on Coffee.  Learn everything you wanted to now about  cappuccino and espresso.


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Great Coffee and Barista classes at The Terzi  School For Baristas

Now the famous Terzi Coffeehouses Of Northern Italy is offering incredible informational and fun courses at  its coffee school. You will have aa unique learning & fun experience. and  courses are available to meet everyone’s skill level and ambition, from “coffee lovers”, to future/present baristas and tourists seeking a true “Italian” experience.

Come to the Terzi school and enjoy  the hands-on coffee courses, taught by a master, English-speaking  barista.   Enjoy short, half-day, one-day and multi-day classes.

coffee school barista learn to make coffee expresso cappuccino