Coffee School Of Italy- For Baristas & Coffee Lovers

Terzi Coffee School For Baristas, Coffee Lovers aCoffeehouse Owners  is located in Vignola (Modena) Italy (not far from Bologna). Terzi Coffee School is unique in that the school is owned and operated by a professional coffee person who owns two, world-famous Italian coffeehouses in Italy and Spain.

For over two decades Mr. Terzi has been in the coffee business.  He has worked in the bar/coffee seen since he was twelve years old.  Early in his career, he had the good fortune to be schooled by the most famous coffee expert in Italy, Ernesto Illy (the founder of one of the top coffees in the world – Illy Coffee. Mr. Terzi was in the first graduating class of Illy Università del Caffè!

 Mr. Terzi is passionate about coffee and acquired this passion for coffee as a student of the noted coffee and espresso expert Ernesto Illy  He was deeply and widely respected, considered “an absolute giant” in the world of coffee and espresso,He is a certified professional Sommelier. He is a member of the IBA (Associazione Italiana Barman (International Bar Association)  and the AIBES (Competition-italian Association-Of-Barmen-and-Supporters and owns several Coffeeshops in Italy andin Spain. He is a professional Barista/Coffee Roaster. The Terzi coffee is made only by hand in their own modern coffee roasters, soon to be located at the school. Caffè Terzi  sells his coffee world wide and is used in many prestigious coffeeshops and restaurants.

To spread his knowledge and coffee expertise he established the Terzi School In Vignola, Italy.  Learn over 125 coffee drinks, have lunch and or dinner with us and enjoy an informative half or full day class about the wonders of coffee and food. Whether you just love Italian coffee  and you want to become a barista (or sharpen your barista skills) join us for an informative, fun-filled day of learning and enjoyment in the quaint village of Vignola (Modena).

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Learn about:

• History Of Coffee 
• Elements Of Botany, Cultivation, and Harvesting 
• Arabica And Robusta Genetic & Sensory Features 
• Coffee Storage • Introduction To Sensory Analysis 
• Tasting Espresso 
• Setting Up Equipment 
• Equipment Operations, Maintenance And Cleaning 
• Discussion Of Extraction Methods 
• How To Extract The Perfect Espresso 
• The Milk 
• Tasting Cappuccino 
• Techniques Of Vaporization 
• Techniques of Versaggio 
• Preparing The Perfect Cappuccino 
• Caffe Latte Art 
• Other Methods Of Extraction: 
             Moka – Naples – Turkish Coffee – Syphon – Drip Coffee – Pour Over 
• Choosing The Right Equipment 
• Setting Up Coffee Stations 
• Creating An Appealing Coffee Menu